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Phone: (417) 866-3449



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    What is your qualifying criteria?

    1. Must be at least 18 years of age
    2. Total household net income must be at leas 3x that of the monthly rent.
    3. We look for at least six months employment with the same employer.
    4. Minimum six months previous landlord reference. Additionally, the credit and background checks must indicate no judgments, skips, evictions, money owed to previous landlords, cable companies, phone companies, or utility companies.
    5. Credit score of at least 600.
    6. If 2-5 cannot be met in full, we do allow for guarantors (cosigners) if you are a college student.
    7. Criminal background will be checked. A felony conviction and or parole/probation, a history of illegal drug association for any member of the household will be cause for denial. Any gang association and sexual offense convictions or convictions involving weapons or violent crimes may cause for denial and/or eviction.
    8. The security deposit and all related fees must be paid by move-in date.
    9. If self-employed, retired or disabled, the applicant must provide copies to the property manager of tax returns for the previous year and copies of the three most recent bank statements showing proof of ability to pay rent for the term of the lease..
    10. Failure to provide Town & Campus with required references or information needed to process the application, or willfully giving false or incomplete information during the application process, will be cause for denial.
    11. No more the two (2) persons in 1 BR apartment and two (2) adults two (2) children in 2 BR apartment.

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    What is included in the rent?

    Included in the rent is internet provided through Net Vision; the security costs are covered, as we have security cameras on the property, and TASK 9 Patrols between 7 pm to 7 am; professional service maintenance is included, as we have on-site maintenance available regularly 8 am - 5 pm Monday-Friday, with 24-hour on-call emergency maintenance service available; and trash service with picks by Republic Services on Tuesday and Friday.

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    Do you allow pets?

    Our pet policy is currently pet-friendly towards one cat, a bird, or small fish tank. Please note we are not accepting dogs at this time, and anything else would require special permission. For your furry friend, there is a $250 one-time nonrefundable pet fee plus a $25 monthly pet rent, and we only allow one pet per apartment(in select units). 

    *Pet Restrictions: Cats must be indoor and spaded /neutered. All cats require $250 non-refundable pet fee plus a $25 monthly pet rent.

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    Are there washer-dryer hookups and/or machines in the units?

    We provide a laundry facility on-site with nine washers and ten dryers; however, we do not have washer/dryer hookups in the units.

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    Are any utilities paid?

    As the resident you are responsible for your utilities. City Utilities of Springfield (Tel: 417-863-9000) is the only utility company in Springfield. As such, you would not be juggling four bills or four companies, as they will itemize each utility on the same bill: water, sewer, gas, and electric will each be listed out. The bill will show how much of each utility was used for the month, what the usage cost, and the total of utilities will be at the bottom.

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    What do utilities average?

    The average cost of utilities in a one-bedroom apartment ranges from $100-$120/month depending on usage and other factors, and a two-bedroom averages $120-$150/month. 

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    What else is on-site?

    Our Jr. Olympic-size swimming pool (roughly 8ft. deep at its deepest end) is open during the summer daily from 10 a.m. - dusk. There are five public picnic areas with stationary charcoal grills and picnic tables available for use. Our four storm shelters are underground and accessible at all times during storm season.

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    How close are you to my school?

    Missouri State University: about one mile

    Evangel University: about 1.5 miles

    Ozarks Technical Community College: about two miles

    Drury University: about 2.5 miles